Our Vision

to be a premier mission critical infocommunications service and solution platforms provider.

To provide a world class dedicated LTE Mission Critical Network Services in Public Transportation, Public Safety, Public Surveillance and Vertical Industries

Developing Application Platforms to control unmanned machines and unmanned vehicles to open up new mission critical services and applications

To work with GTI to promote new applications and services for vertical industries using dedicated TD-LTE mission critical network

Build reference application sites in Singapore Smart Nation Initiatives and marketing the solution platforms to other TDD spectrum owners around the world.

About Us

Arete M is an infocomm services company with our aim set at providing innovative telecommunication systems and solutions in the enterprise sector. We are a Facility Based Operator of the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore and provide Internet broadband connectivity managed solutions to corporate clients in Singapore and Asia. Incorporated in May 2014 by founders who set sight of becoming one of the key telecommunication providers in the Singapore market. The company is driven by a group of dedicated professionals whose experiences span across wireless spectrum technology, info-communication systems, private and public equity investments and finance.

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