June 8, 2016

Our Technology

Dedicated LTE using 1.79GHz – 1.80GHz 

A New Industrial Mission Critical Communication and IOT Network

  • Mission Critical Grade IOT
  • Uses 1.79GHz – 1.80GHz band to support multiple Core Networks
  • Dedicated Mission Critical applications with low latency, guarantee QOS and free from interference
  • Can provide High Accuracy Location Based Positioning to devices and sensors connected to the Network

  • Using the 1.8GHz dedicated TD-LTE as backhaul connection, multiple Portable WiFi hot-spots are supported for mobile working groups as standard Broadband IOT.
  • Use licensed spectrum for set up and control, then uses unlicensed ISM band 5.8GHz and 2.4GHz for WiFi and LTE-U
  • Faster transmission rates and better cell edge performance

  • Narrow Band Internet of Thing Gateway with dedicated LTE as back-haul
  • Support NB-IoT Gateway and LoRaWan Gateway to enable secure connections to sensors at very low cost
  • >100,000 devices can be connected per Gateway

Private Network with total control and monitoring by each user group

Single Core Network for Mission Critical IOT (MC-IOT), Standard Broadband IOT and

Narrow Band-IOT