March 28, 2017



In most of the vast area plantation today, communication is always a challenge, plant health inspection became rather difficult. With the advancement of private LTE technology, plantation owner is able to oversea and management plant growth with ease. Productivity as well as efficiency can be improved significantly.

What Private dedicated LTE network solution can offer:

1.Mobile Video Surveillance

2.Mobile Broadband Access

3.Mobile Voice and Video Trunking Access

4.NB-IoT Gateway Access

What you can do with Dedicated LTE network in your plantation.

1.With mobile video surveillance, plantation owner is able to oversea plant health, fruit growth as well as ground condition instantly, action can be planned and carried out effectively with minimum resources deployed.

2.Digitized plantation processes with mobile broadband access, with this solution, harvesting workers are able to input data into database at center offices, the plantation manager is able to monitor which tree has the most fruit and when it has been harvested, worker assignment can be easily managed and efficiency can be improved

3.Voice and Video Trunking Access, help in both way communications between plantation manager as well as plantation worker, images can be shared instantly if any special situation happened, workers also able to communicate with Supervisor or manager through voice trunking services.

4.NB-IoT, environment can be monitor like flood, density of grass/bushes.